About Us

Overview: Best Care for Kids is an Improvement Partnership that works with primary care practices to identify those changes that will improve the system of care. An Improvement Partnership is collaboration of public and private leaders that uses measurement-based efforts and a systems approach to improve the quality of children’s health care.

To date, Best Care for Kids has worked with more than 150 pediatric and family medicine practices to incorporate the use of a standardized, validated developmental screening tool into routine care. Our staff is recognized and appreciated by the office staff with which we have worked. Addressing quality improvement is a difficult topic in health care. Physicians and other health

care providers, particularly in primary care, are in the profession in order to do good. As the quote from Crossing the Quality Chasm states, providers are already trying extraordinarily hard to deliver the best possible care. It is the systems that impede them from ac

hieving that goal.

As a peer-based organization, Best Care for Kids is able to approach this sensitive topic without being perceived as either having the ulterior motive of profiting, as is often the perception of QI efforts from insurance organizations, or having any punitive motives.


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